Please note that providing this information is completely optional. IF there are specific questions you wish to wish to leave blank, please do so. the information you do provide will be used at the discretion of ‘salmon hatcheries for alaska’ in order to educate alaskans on the good work being accomplished by our eight hatchery programs statewide and the teams that keep them running year round. your statements may be used in infographics on social media, testimonial quotes on social media and at salmonhatcheriesforak.org, or in op-ed pieces published in the media. we will not alter your quotes in any substantive manner. this exercise is meant to inject a human face and a human story into the larger narrative of aquaculture work in the state of alaska and the many ways in which it benefits the environment, fisheries, and all alaskan user groups. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT US THROUGH THE CONTACT FORM AT SALMONHATCHERIESFORAK.ORG. thank you FOR YOUR TIME!

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